2017 Infrastructure Update – Networking and Servers

No real plans this year to switch out any desktop or notebook hardware, but my WNDR3700N is getting a bit old, and my servers really aren’t being used to their fullest. We’ll start with the server side of things, as that’s probably the easiest to cover, and I’m still unsure if my choice was right. I can … [More…]

New Headphones Monday!

In a couple of weeks after burning them in, I should have a review! So far impressions are they’re very similar to the Ety HF2s with a much wider and deeper sound stage. I’ll be spending a lot of time comparing them to my HD555s and my HD25-iis. Had to post a picture though!

Coffee: The Next Chapter

Still a very hard coffee nerd, and after a few years of brewing with everything from a V60 to a siphon, it’s time to try espresso. Due to my lack of counter space and limited budget for something I’m still entirely unsure on, I decided to grab a Breville Barista Express. Blah blah blah integrated … [More…]


Okay, the 144hz idea was good for a bit, then I played BF4 on a TN panel and wasn’t overly happy. So, I ordered 2 Acer G257HUs! 2560×1440, 25″ S-IPS LCDs with DVI, HDMI, and Displayport inputs. I really did not expect the resolution bump to be this awe inspiring, but wow, am I ever … [More…]

EVGA ACX Cooling Fan Curve – How I Learned I’ve Been Punishing My Ears

I setup my fan curve initially to be extremely aggressive. The GTX670 was a pretty speedy card, and coming from watercooling, I knew that low temperatures meant a happy, and more importantly, non-throttled video card. I think I set the thing initially to start ramping up at 40 degrees, to hit around 100% fan speed … [More…]